The Storm loses shootout with Horsemen 61-92

by Storm Insider

Redmond OR -  The (5-3) Idaho Horsemen traveled to Oregon to take on the (4-4) High Desert Storm.  With a Storm win, the Storm could play spoiler to the Horsemen hosting the AWFC playoff game.  With a big win, the Storm could eliminate the Horsemen from the playoffs and creep in!   The Horsemen started the game by throwing an interception on their 1st possession of the game.  The Horsemen's defense held strong and the offense was able to put the first point on the board of the game.  After going up by 2 TDS, the game became a shootout between the 2 teams with the Horsemen leading into halftime 52-43.  In the 3rd quarter, the Horsemen scored twice more and held the Storm scoreless.  The shootout continued into the 4th quarter with the Storm getting into the endzone 3 times and the Horsemen 4.  The Final score, The Idaho Horsemen 92, the Oregon High Desert Storm 61